According to Caroline McEldowney the Tennessee census bureau states that one in five Tennesseans can
trace their roots directly to the Scots-Irish settlers of the 18th century. Most of these settlers are of
Ulster Protestant/Presbyterian stock who were forced under British rule to flee their country. So claims
Billy Kennedy, who has researched the topic and written about it in his book, The Scots-Irish in the Hills
of Tennessee.

Here at the Appalachian Highlands Celtics we are attempting to carry on the great traditions of our
heritage that extends back to Celtic nations. It is more difficult for American to have an ancestry
heritage to embrace since we are a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures and over long
periods of time we have lost that culture and families separate and spread across America but here we
want to remember and bring back that since of community that the Irish, Scotts, and the Welsh had. In
doing this we offer events throughout the year and in these events we offer highland games, food,
music and all around fun for the entire family.

When you visit our events you can find kilt wearing, costumes from all eras, foods of all sorts, and games
that date back to the 17th century. So make plans, and arrange dates to at least attend one event. We
promise all it will take is one time and you will be hooked.